Modern reflexology is less than 100 years old, but promoting healing through the feet and hands has been practised by many cultures for centuries, even as far back as ancient Egyptians.  Since its development during the 20th century from "zone therapy theory" in the USA, reflexology has always been holistic in nature, treating an individual as more than just a set of symptoms and wellbeing as much more than an absence of illness. Reflexology can be used to help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium.  This extremely relaxing and gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.


Reflexology has been shown to be effective for:


  • Back pain

  • Migraine

  • Fertility

  • Arthritis

  • Sleep disorders

  • Sports Injuries

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Digestive disorders

  • Stress related conditions


What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a suitable treatment for all, from children to the elderly.  Often, after a course of reflexology treatments for a specific condition, many people find continuing with regular reflexology treatments help them maintain health and wellbeing.  It is an excellent treatment to have as a restorative therapy after illness.

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